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Meet Colin

I have been in construction since 1988.

Starting as a hand drawn draughtsman for commercial buildings, I worked on some interesting projects from BMW garages to high specification hospital buildings, collage campus buildings to shopping centres. The commercial business is rather impersonal, so after running my own commercial company since 1996, I decided in 2010 to start in the residential build market.

It has been a new challenge, where you deal directly with the client, who is directly connected to the money and project in question. Building can be a stressful environment and most people dread the idea of phoning a builder. With this in mind I try my best to make the whole experience enjoyable.

This is achieved by applying the same strict controls expected in the commercial market I previously worked in.

With residential building, being proactive is not the only requirement, I would suggest the key elements are trust and communication. This is achieved by being transparent about every aspect throughout. Including giving the negative and positive news when required. Monitoring the work is also important, which in turn keeps momentum , which is also very important.

I enjoy my work , especially enjoying keeping organised and positive until the absolute finish, I hope I can be of service.


Our track record and reputation is excellent, quality and service guaranteed.