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Talk to us about Extensions

Our specialised subject would be extensions, having completed nearly 25 extensions in the last 4 years.

We pride ourselves on not only being competitive but providing a personal service, which is controlled very closely.

We try and make the whole build a joy, by being proactive throughout the procedure. This is achieved by experience and pre-empting issues that may arise.

It’s also achieved by building trust between us and the client, this is achieved by transparent costing, honest and straight forward pricing.

The other major key to any building work to be carried out efficiently and to a high level is communication, we pride ourselves in keeping communication going throughout the build and informing on all aspects when required, this can sometimes include negative news as well as positive, but in our experience, this is how trust is built.

Trust and communication are the forefront of Kubrick’s ideology.

With building work, the word ‘extras’ becomes a taboo word, but we embrace this word and work with the client, by swallowing extras, standing by fixed prices and sometimes giving extras at cost value, to keep trust and momentum.

Momentum is also a key word in building, this is achieved by simply being organised, by issuing a programme to all sub-contracts and client at the very start allows for expectations to be met. Also once on site monitoring and re-issuing programmes on a fortnightly basis, keeps everyone primed to get on with the work in question.

Invoicing is moderate and scheduled , never over invoicing, never invoicing until on site and work being carried out.

I hope we can be of service.

Our track record and reputation is excellent, quality and service guaranteed.