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State of the Art Outside Buildings

Building knowledge in commercial and residential building.

We have combined the two construction processes to make for a state of the art garden building , which will not only give you joy, it will give you another space that you can actually use all year round.

We are able to at present build 6 different shapes, but are happy to be challenged, is there a shape you want to build ?

We have also looked at garden buildings life expectancy, we decided early on when forming Modpods that we would only build high quality building’s with high end finishes, long life expectancy and high thermal values.


Our Buildings Feature

  • Exposed dove jointed birch ply frame and lining
  • Roofing system to have up to 25 year guarantee
  • All this beautiful workmanship is guaranteed for up to 10 years
  • Giving a 045 ‘u’ value rating ( 100 mm insulation)
  • Outside cladding comes with a 10-15 year guarantee
  • All our Pods come with Electrics and heating included
  • All Pod floors are lined with birch ply
  • All window frames come with a 25 year coating guarantee
  • All Pods foundations are included (subject to site inspection)

Our track record and reputation is excellent, quality and service guaranteed.